Water ATM
Water ATM


Product Details
  • Hassle free uninterrupted purified water 24 X 7.
  • Can dispense different batches according to different coin.
  • Dispenses exact quantity of water in every batch.
  • Separate cabinet for coin collection.
  • No need of operator for water filling.
  • No need of External Recharge unit.
  • Operates even at a 2 feet head.
  • Minimum jar filling time.
  • Easy Installation.
  • Dual line backlit display for Dispenser status Number of jars dispensed & cash collected
  • Low power consumption can even work on UPS
  • Ceramic bearing for superior low flow performance.
Product Details
Water ATM
Physical Dimensions 400(H) x 325(V) x 200(D) mm
Enclosure Abs weather proof IP-65
Mounting Field
Supply power 230 V A.C.
Accuracy B± 2% FSD
Settings Using front panel keypad.
Input From sensor
Output Relay output for batch quantity.